Military Photo Album

Military Photo Album
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The perfect showcase album for a collection of personal momentos, from photos to printed keepsakes.  No other album can house the legacy of your life so exquisitely.This is the ultimate heirloom your children and grandchildren will cherish and pass down with special pride. Handcrafted by the finest Italian artisans, personalized features such as logo, emblem, insignia, motto and name will further enhance the prestige and value of this "gift of you". If you have served in the military, consider imprinting your seal in bas-relief on contrasting leather hue (see photo displayed with US Marine Corps emblem).  Inside are 50 acid-free archival book-bound pages with inter-protective page dividers. Measures 9" x 13" with 2 1/2"  spine width.

Made in Florence, Italy. Email or call us with custom feature requests or questions.