Legacy Letter Album

Legacy Letter Album
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Price: $475.00


Our Legacy Letter Album is a prestigious customized gift for family and friends.
Besides displaying your legacy letter, this splendid album can hold memorable certificates and texts such as:

  • family tree certificate
  • wedding certificates
  • wedding vows
  • wedding invitations
  • anniversary/renewed vows
  • award certificates
  • academic certificates
  • memorial certificates
  • appreciation certificates
  • ceremonial certificates
  • poems, quotes and sayings
  • corporate/executive certificates
  • special commemorative event certificates
  • favorite song lyrics
  • resolution certificates
  • letters of appreciation

Should you only need one frame opening instead of two, we can easily accommodate this customization request.
This album can have both a vertical or a horizontal layout presentation depending on the type of document to be inserted.
The front cover "coat of arms" design may be replaced by any other kind of personalized image, such as a "monogram" image, or an event with the date, and our photographer on staff would be happy to assist you in picking out a font of your liking and customizing the image of your choice. If you locate a certificate and wish to have Custom Legacy fill in the information and print it, we can also assist you with this service.
Specifications for the 8 ½” x 11” legacy  letter  to be inserted in the right frame of the Legacy Letter Album:

  • margins for text should fit within the 7 ½” x 9 ½” frame opening, therefore 7” x 9” would work well – important!
  • Custom Legacy will furnish two decorative archival sheets (with Florentine corner designs) for you to handwrite or print your legacy letter
  • Custom Legacy will furnish an acid-free clear plastic cover to protect your legacy letter

Specifications for the 8” x 10” photo to be inserted in the left frame of the Legacy Letter Album:

  • photo to be printed without white border
  • You may also consider a collage of photos from your past in lieu of the traditional photograph.
  • Custom Legacy will furnish an acid-free clear plastic cover to protect your photo